Help: PayPal Reward Payment Not In Account

Today is the 1st of July and Dreamhost claims to have paid out my rewards balance to my PayPal account but after logging into my PayPal account it shows my balance as £0.00.

I’m not totally adept in the ways of PayPal but in the DH panel I ticked the box marked ‘I would like to be paid out electronically via PayPal.’ and entered the email address linked to my PayPal account in the box below it. I also changed the account type to make sure the amount of money I could receive/withdraw was within what Dreamhost was sending.

So what’s happened to it? Does the fact my PayPal account is not ‘verified’ matter? Or does the fact that my account is in GBP matter at all? Or does the Payment just take some time to process?

What should I do if I can’t resolve the issue? How should I inform Dreamhost?


Don’t panic :slight_smile:

The fact that your Rewards balance is showing $0 means that the payment is being processed. This can take a couple of days, especially when the 1st falls on a weekend.

You should receive an email from PayPal (probably on Monday or Tuesday) saying that a Payment has been made to your PayPal account.


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Thanks. Good to hear. I suspected it might just take some time to process. If it doesn’t resolve it self after a few days I’ll start to panic!

Just out of interest. Has anyone else recieved their PayPal payments yet?

You can stop panicking now :slight_smile:

I received my PayPal payment earlier today, I assume all payments go out simultaneously, so you should have received yours also.


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