Help! - payment issues

hello, i tried submitting to the web panel but it won’t load for me.

i just tried to sign up to dreamhost with my credit card, and a promo code. i entered my card number but stuffed up the Security ID from the back, and now it won’t let me use that promo code with my credit card number and correcting the number! help?

i’ve tried to get onto the web panel but it times out for me both in IE and firefox. and on different internet connections

trying to access it now and it does seem down

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That’s probably something you’re going to have to talk to Dreamhost about – but I probably wouldn’t keep trying to sign up until you do, in case the first attempt somehow made it through, even without the CC code.

The panel seems to be working fine for me, but if you’re still having trouble, you could try contacting them through the contact page at

They should be able to help finish up your order, or maybe delete whatever’s in the system so you can re-submit it.

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