HELP! one of my sites vanished

This used to happen and now it did again is gone. This is related to something in FTP. Some folder that needs to be emptied of its contents.

But I do not remember what it is or what I need to delete and I do not want to guess.

Any one else want to guess?

It sees to happen at midnight when it happens, something is backing up or some such thing to the wrong place.
Actually it is REALLY gone. The entire contents of the /guitar folder is empty. So I am submitting a ticket.

This is weird. the folder for /guitar is EMPTY. But when I go to the dashboard I can View individual pages. But the front page is empty, with that generic ftp looking stuff at the top.

So I am going to put in a ticket

From your description it sounds like your site has been moved to another server.


aaaand what would be done about that?

I almost posted a rather witty Enlightenment in Under 10 Steps but decided against it.

tl;dr version: You should host your important website elsewhere aaaand you were already aware of this.

P.S. It really was rather witty.

Not really, since I have no idea what that means either.

You say it sounds like my site has been moved to another server. I ask you what that means and you tell me it means I should host my “important site” some place else.

That sounds like you are saying I should not be using Dreamhost at all. But it enlightens no one and adds nothing to what you might mean by my site has been moved to a different server (all pages on my site are available just not the home page of each sub-doman) or why that would cause the issue and what I need to do about it.

Very helpful.