Help... one click install for Wordpress


I know nothing about coding, hosting, etc etc…

I’ve tried using the one click install with what I think is the right sub-domain (

I get a message telling that database already exists… Any ideas anyone…?

I get the feeling I could be quite a regular poster on these forums…



Are you telling the one click installer to install at or are you using in the setup to point to your database?

When you go to the one click installer pick ‘custom’ for sure (not simple). and then that very next feild where it says “install to”. If that’s where you are putting then that is the problem. At this point ‘install to’ should be the web address that visitors will navigate to the site with.


Many thanks for the reply. I’m telling it to point to the database on my account… I’ll go back and try the custom install.

My name domain name is with 123reg. So …I’m not sure if I should transfer that to DH…


…and now I’m really confused… it says it’s already installed…!!

I’m totally clueless…

What domain are you installing it to? If you haven’t pointed one to dreamhost or registered one here are you setting this up with a sub-domain?

I have a domain (as in post above)… but it’s not yet being pointed at by Dreamhost… which obviously I need to do…

so if you have an existing site on the domain and want to leave that for now you can set up using a sub-domain then later transfer your domain.


or if there is no site there now just point it over here and wait for the DNS to transfer.[hr]
Most important… because i feel a re-do install coming on… always use ‘custom’ one click installs… forget that ‘simple’ exists.