Help on acquiring a domain name



I agreed to buy a domain name from a small company for 1k. The company seems relatively unknown (they have no reviews/info on Google.) I’ve never bought a domain name from someone else before.

  1. What are there any important steps I should ensure in transferring the domain name?
  2. The company is asking the payment first. Is there some simple escrow or other method to help in ensuring I wont get cheated?

Any help/info would be greatly appreciated…


#2 is a good option on high-dollar transactions where you don’t know/trust each other 100%.

You guys would have to work out who pays the fee, or if you split it. Even if you have to pay it, it should feel worth it for the peace of mind.

As long as you’re willing to pay the fee, I don’t see why a seller would have a problem with it.

With or without it, it’s perfectly acceptable for the seller to require payment before releasing the domain. That’s pretty much how it works even on small $5 PayPal domain sales.

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