Help-newbie trying to setup

use dreamhost and filezilla as server. wordpress blog. set up my blog on perfectly and played around a bit. noticed that the url was using the /wordpress extension so i asked DH for help via chat. They said that i had installed wp to the wrong folder and not root directory on FZ. it appeared to be in the root directory but i followed the reps directions to delete and reinstall wordpress.

now when i login using original user name, my url is missing and another unknown url is showing, name has letter/symbols instead of the actual url. So I created a different user on DH, then went to FZ to repeat the process. the correct url is now showing and ive uploaded wp but keep getting 404 error. have researched everything i can think of.

any suggestions?

When you changed users did you also update the domain? In other words on the manage domains page in the panel does it show your newuser for the domain, or does it show the original? Your user has to be tied to the domain.

A related page in the wiki: showing how users are tied to domains.

Yes it shows the new users name.