Help - new to this and website isn't working and can no longer login to wordpress



Our it person quite and I made some updates to our wordpress ste home page under the editor. He was using kodingen for hosting, but I don’t like it and it wouldn’t work right or post the changes I made to the homepage. I decided to switch to dreamhost and whatever I did has now made our website theme go away (purchased thru themeforest) and it’s all bad. I tried to log back into my wordpress back side to fix and I get an error message.

website is

any help or any ideas to what I did or how can I upload my themeforest paid theme into dream host and upload all my customized files.

I need help please


I see you’ve already submitted a ticket to Tech Support! One of our guys will get right on it and have a solution for you ASAP. We appreciate your patience :slight_smile:


Thanks, but this is urgent and I even tried to delete everything with you just to go back to kodingen but now that isn’t working. It’s like my theme is gone. HELP I have clients actively using my website and its a mess


I should mention I do have the wordpress download from before all this happened and I have the zip file of my wordpress theme forest purchased theme but its before customization.

Please help - this is urgent and really a problem.