Help Needed

I am new to this forum, I want to transfer my website from Joomla platform to WordPress one. But as my website is already in good position in Search engine, I am anxious about the transfer now. If I want to change the platform from Joomla to WordPress without losing any ranking, how could I do that?


There is no one to help or to suggest anything? :frowning:

Sadly, exporting Joomla to WordPress is an exercise in patience. is the best set of directions I know of (Syed’s site is a great resource in general). But every time I’ve done it, I’ve gone back to drinking.

FWIW when you’re done, you won’t lose your SEO ranking as long as you can redirect the old URLs to the new ones (or not change them at all).

Thank you so much for the link as well as for the suggestion. Though its a matter of patience still I will try to follow all the steps perfectly.