Help Needed

Hello Guys, Merry christmas.

i have 2 questions:

  1. i want to use a promo code -50% but can’t pay via google checkout , how can i pay with paypal ?

  2. now if i joined (DreamHost Rewards)
    You will get referral credit for anyone who:

  3. Enters that kilwa@hotmailcom referred them when they sign up.

  4. Uses a promo code that you created when signing up.

so when my friend bought his hosting using my email or my code i’ll get $97 then can i buy a hosting??? i mean without transffering…


Paypal should be an option when you go through the signup but I know that others have been on the forums having problems with paypal.

You can sign up for a referal only account if you want, create codes and start referring people without actually having hosting. Hosting can be added later. So yes I suppose you could do it this way.

Another way round could be to set up a donation link and donate to yourself but I don’t know if affiliate accounts can do that or if it is only full accounts.

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i did now iam a member, if a friend buy a hosting using my copon code i’ll make $97 ??
Then who can i contact to give me a hosting for $97??
i am not looking for the money just for the hosting

You should be able to add hosting via the panel by logging in to your affiliate account and going to billing.

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As far as I know there is no $97 rebate anymore, just $50.


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The discount you give with your coupon is subtracted from your referral fee of $97. So if you give $50 off with a coupon, you’ll get the leftover $47 as your referral fee. If you can get 2 friends to sign up, you can probably get free hosting.

I don’t know what you’re asking.

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