Help needed

i have a site but i have joomla on site have finished and i want when someone types to go to the website and not to the under constructon page.

Would a redirect/rewrite to be sufficient or do you want the urls to just say

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There are several ways to approach this, varying from “quick” to “kinda convoluted” depending upon your needs and expertise, and which way is best for you depends on several things:

  1. Did you use the one-click installer, and if so, do you need to be able to use the one-click installer to “upgrade” Joomla! later (or will you be upgrading it yourself "manually).

  2. As lensman asked: Do you need the Joomla! generated urls to reflect “” as opposed to “”?

  3. How comfortable are you working in the *nix shell, and manipulating configuration files?

  4. Are you comfortable importing/exporting MySQL database contents?