Help needed with Joomla local to remote host transfer

Hi everyone. I just finished a Joomla site on my local machine and decided to go ahead and make it live. I read the instructions on how to do the transfer in the dreamhost wiki but now I’m stuck.

I transferred all of my files (minus the configuration.php file) but got stuck on the database part. The instructions said to export the database as a sql file and to use my domain’s phpMyAdmin to import it. However, when I go to my domain’s phpMyAdmin, I don’t see the database at all. In the MySQL Databases section of the control panel, I could see the database and it even indicates that it belongs to that particular domain.

What am I missing? I’m totally stumped.

Also, for some reason, I’m not able to create databases from within phpMyAdmin. Could there be something wrong with my phpMyAdmin?

Ugh. No sleep. And guess what… I was simply using the wrong username in the phpMyAdmin and that’s why I was connected to a different database than the Joomla one that I had just created. forehead palm smack

Anyway, now a new problem. I dropped the tables from that database so that I could import the sql file that I had exported from my local site and everything was fine. But when I tried to do the import, I got an error message.


SQL query:

– Database: joomla15


MySQL said:
#1044 - Access denied for user ‘(me)’@’(’ to database ‘joomla15’ [/quote]

Is this because my local database was called joomla15 but the one assigned by DH’s One-Click Install system is not? Or does it have to do with my assigned username not matching the username on my local joomla database?

Please help. I’m so tired! lol I don’t think my brain will function for a week if I don’t get this figured out and up and running soon.


Yes - if you don’t have a database with the same name on DreamHost, MySQL will rightly complain that you aren’t allowed to just go and create it. Just take out the CREATE DATABASE joomla15 (and the following USE joomla15) line from your SQL file, and it should be able to apply to a database with a different name.

Thanks. Got it working now. Whew! lol