Help! My new website keeps redirecting to the old website

Hi there,

I think I’ve completely messed up my website/account. I’m completely new at this, so this is what happened. I have had website and joomla. I only wanted one website and decided to play around with it. I redirected my joomla to, which didn’t turn up very well. Out of panic, I clicked cancel redirect, which removed my domain from web hosting and uninstalled joomla.

I thought I’d start fresh, added the site back removed the original files of from its directory (i have back ups). I re-installed joomla to so that I only have to use joomla as my main site. Well, it went well this morning, everything was working fine. But this afternoon, everytime open my site, it opens the index.html of the old which I deleted.

Sometimes it opens my new homepage/index (joomla), but most of the time it opens the old website (just the homepage).

How do I stop this from happening? I just want the joomla site (which I installed through one-click) and stop the old homepage appearing. And to stop myself from banging my head on the wall, where does it get the old html file when I’ve deleted it from ftp? Logs?

Any help would we great. I’m still learning and this is really not my field of study.

Thanks. (sorry for the long explanation)

That may be a caching issue: