HELP! Migrating Wordpress site to Dreamhost

Hi there,

I’m new to Dreamhost and need some assistance in terms on how to migrate my wordpress website to dreamhost.

I already backed up my files and saved my mysql database. Can anyone give me some steps in terms of the best way to migrate my site over properly?

I created an FTP account here and I wonder if I should be doing other steps before I just drop my files via FTP. Should I set up my database first? And if so, how do I set up my old database on there?

Thanks for your help.

webnk, I’ve got exactly what you need!

If you find yourself needing assistance in the process, let me know here, or submit a support ticket via your panel: :slight_smile:

Yes, I found this after the fact, lol. Thank you very much for still replying, as I do have a follow question to this.

I actually was able to import my old database via my PHPadmin and transferred all my files over via FTP successfully, so that’s good.

My question now is this: How long does it take for my wordpress website to configure itself once I do all my file transfers? I changed the DNS hostname in my wp-config.php file to match the one I have currently for my database.

I went to check on my site and I’m still seeing the Dreamhost construction page, not the wordpress coming soon I had up for my wordpress site.

Is it possible I missed a step or did something wrong?

Thanks for your help so far, by the way…

With some info (such as your domain), we can find your account, check the specific setup and send you an email with details. But from what it sounds like, you may just need to point your domain to the correct user/directory from your web panel. :slight_smile: You can do this by clicking “Edit” to the right of your domain on the Manage Domains page, and in the fully-hosted settings there, make sure the correct username is selected and that it’s pointing to the right directory where your wordpress files are.

Hi, thanks for your reply.

I wen to my web panel where there were two FTP accounts. I switched it to the one that I logged into FTP and used to load all my files.

However, after waiting for a 10-15 minutes, I’m still seeing the dreamhost underconstruction page and I’m getting some kind of 500 internal server error.

I think I’ll need further technical assistance with this after all, so I’ll submit a ticket. Thanks for your assistance, much appreciated.

An error 500 is usually a PHP or .htaccess error. If what I said sounded greek to you, that’s okay :slight_smile: You should have a file called .htaccess that you can see via FTP. Try renaming that to old.htaccess instead.

Hi Ipstenu,

Turns out that I uploaded the files in the wrong directory and had to make sure it was uploaded in the domain directory. So I’m good to go now.

Thanks for your help everyone!