Help migrating wordpress beta site to my live site

HELP ME PLEASE! First of all, I’m a novice at wordpress so please be nice and not too technical :slight_smile:

Second of all, I have my live website at which shows my old site design and does NOT currently have wordpress installed. The old design is an html site.

My beta site is located at where you can see my newly designed site with complete content AND is running wordpress 3.3

I’m trying to move all the content over to At first, I installed wordpress on (after backing up my html static site) and just copied over the folders from simplicity. That didn’t work. sometimes the content would come over but without the theme css files and other times the theme would be there but not the content.

So then I tried importing/exporting the files through the wordpress management consol. It exported fine. but failed on all of the imports. Only it wouldn’t tell me why so i’m not sure what the reason was for that.

So I reverted it back to my previous backup files so the way it is currently is is my html site and currently has no wordpress (logangattis.old does have wordpress on it) and is the new site with wordpress :slight_smile: confusing i know.

Basically, I just need to pick up my beta site ( and plop it down in ( - and get it to work hah

since you already have wp installed in a sub-directory this thread should help you

there is no real reason to move your files since you already have wp set up.

Thank you Ryo-ohki!