Help migrating old Joomla 1.0 site - Yes, I said it. 1.0

Hi everyone. I was in contact with DH’s absolutely wonderful CS yesterday and Elizabeth suggested I come here for some help. (bear with me) I have a client that ran into some financial hard times and ordered all work to stop on old Joomla 1.0 site. I wasn’t able to convince her to move forward with the upgrade, until yesterday, when her site got hacked. 5 hours later…I believe it’s all clean.

I’ve done a lot of Joomla installs, but this one is so far behind version wise and it’s an old site (2003) with lots of content. Now…I read there is 1.5 to 1.6 issues…1.7 is here and 1.8 is coming in January. Gees. I would like to be able to use the one-click upgrade process through DH panel. Elizabeth suggested that I might be able to find a DH savant here familiar with the DH software upgrade processes that would be willing to do the migration for me to insure it works with upcoming versions. I will pay you. Please PM me for the website info, as this is a client. Thanks.

Wow. Came back this morning expecting some replies and saw over 600 views, but 0 responses. (not even a PM). Now this thread has over 680. Seems like a lot of interest, but no answers.

If no one is interested here, perhaps someone can poke me in another direction or give me some friendly advice? Like many of you other web folks, I have spent hours web and forum searching.

I’m not surprised no one has responded. I’ve been mulling it over myself since you posted. The jump to Joomla 1.0 to 1.7 would be a huge undertaking if there is a massive amount of content like you said. You are talking about a project that could take many hours and a few grand and most (sane) developers would want 75% of whatever their total quote to you up front. Also the pm system on here doesn’t really work anymore. You can probably e-mail users still though but I haven’t ever tried it so I cannot say for sure.

My advice to you is to do a 1.7 install and gradually re-add the content yourself or pay someone to do the same process for you. It will be a time consuming process if you are doing it manually but I seriously doubt there is a way to automate it. You could try to look for a programmer who is competent in php and mysql to create a script transition the data as well but either way if you pay someone it is going to be expensive.

Its not that we are not interested but the average person posting on here doesn’t usually have that kind of budget to work with.

Thank you very much for responding. eek…I was afraid you were going to say that. Yea, my last resort is going to Freelancer.

What are your thoughts on abandoning upgrades on the 1.0? After a week of trolling developer hangouts on the net, many of our collegues with clients in the same boat have posted that they are doing just that.

With this last attack, I removed the offending plugin (a JS image display mod) and the front-end login that was never used. So all that is left (not out-of-the-box) is an old JamBook component that they cling to. If I convinced them to remove that… What would be the forecast of a 1.0 site with only core components?

(and thanks for the headsup on the PM here. After mind-numbing reviews of 50+ pages on a Joomla search here, I saw that you were a common responder and tried to PM you without sucess, lol.)

The thing is, I am sure there have been many security updates to the core components as well. That is the problem with using such an old version, the exploits possible are so numerous. You should have the most up-to-date (or still supported version) possible if you are continually adding new content and also make backups frequently just in case your site is critically compromised. I know you may not want to devote the time but that is really your best option in the long run. Never keep a site on old version software if you are continually being compromised. Try not to delay or abandon upgrades just because it would inconvenient and time-consuming.

As with most sites of that type the database is most important. If you don’t really have any experience poking around the mysql database what I would do is to export a copy of the sites current database. Do a fresh install of 1.7 either on your local machine or a development site and do some test posts (creating pages etc). Then compare the differences between the old database file and the new one as far as the syntax to create the tables and add content to specific tables. Also check which tables may be different between the old install and the new one. That will help you a lot when you are moving the content and you should be able to just copy and paste relevant information between files in a text editor. That will be a lot easier than reposting articles on the web really. I had to do that with one of my websites. It takes time but you will be glad once you are done and it will make thing easier going forward.

Well just to be clear…DH one-click is still sitting at 1.6something. So I wouldn’t be migrating to 1.7…yet. Ideally like I said in my original post, I would like to get it back to the DH one-click and keep it updated. (and you are right…I couldn’t in good conscience and work ethic just leave a 1.0 install behind.)

I have already done what you talked about in your last post…2ce on this site, lol, which is why I didn’t want to do it again and was looking for someone here with DH service experience. Because of it’s age, it’s got a history starting out with html, but it had to be moved to CMS.

It’s not the first time a website out-grew it’s owner’s budget, but as this is more of ‘life’s work’ for the owner, scaling down is not an option. So thanks to your help, I see that I have three plans to consider:

  1. Go ahead and attempt the 1.0 to 1.6+ DH one-click, redesign/rebuild the template, remove the guestbook, rebuild any custom menu mods and just slowly deal with whatever content formatting mess there is…one page at a time. (but at least the content will be up there)

  2. Do a fresh install, (like you said), redesign/rebuild the template, remove the guestbook, rebuild any custom menu mods and re-create every page/article/graphic/link, etc. *Could hire an off-shore company for the data-entry, but I’ve dealt with the mess from these companies before. Cheap and quick is ugly. :wink:

or 3. Go to Freelancer-dot-com. Outsource the whole thing and forget about the one-click. It would be more expensive long-term, but hopefully I could convince the owner to keep it current. We all do our share of pro-bono, but it is still a business. :wink: Unfortunately, I don’t the client is going to like option 1 or 2, since it means the site will ‘look the mess’ or ‘be missing content’ while the budget battles the workload.

Thanks again for all your help. I truly appreciate it! :wink:

Dreamhosts one-click is at 1.5.23 and andrewf comment why here:

There is also a Joomla doc page specifically about upgrading from 1.0.x to 1.5 stable located here:

Thanks LakeRat. I appreciate your time.

I guess my mind is mush on this one, lol, because you are right and I have it in my notes…DH is at 1.5.23. I saw andrew’s post and it is the biggest reason why I like to use DH’s one-click vs manual install (the second link you posted) for my clients with limited budgets.

To lavish DH with more of my praises…some of the one-clicks for my clients aren’t even billed, because the upgrade process is quicker than it takes me to start their billing clock, ha ha. This assures that even if they have ignored their sites for awhile…the software is at least up to date.

I will give it the weekend to see if there are any takers on my initial post here. If not, then I will just have to go through it a third time. yuk. ;(

don’t forget to do a total site backup (including mysql database) before you start!

Thanks Ryo-ohki. I did a full account backup. I still need to figure out how to copy the archiac guestbook content, since that extension will be gone. (may have to copy/paste to .txt - yuk) Then I think I that is everything except doing a db backup, besides DH’s auto-backup.

Today I am going to try to recreate the 1.0 site (matching their components that are left) and then run the DH migration. If all goes well enough, then I will make the final proposal to the client. When all is said-and-done, I will update this post.

unfortunately, Elizabeth was wrong and the DH one-click update did not work. For those of you in the same predicament, here is what I had to do:

1.0.12 Stable to 1.5.23:

  1. Backup DH act, backup db.
  2. Do a clean install of 1.5.23 (in a subdirectory, since 1.0.12 was initially installed in root). To speed things up a bit, I used DH one-click install from the panel.
  3. During install, select Sample Data, but…After install, Cleanout all sample data.
    3a. dump trash and clean cache
  4. install mtwmigrator and run.
  5. handcopy old 1.0 version of …/images/stories/ folder to new install directory. I used .sftp - copy ‘images’ folder to my harddrive and then back to the new install directory
  6. re-create menus

1.5.23 - 1.6 (I completely skipped over 1.6)

1.5.23 - 1.7.3 Stable

  1. activate the Mootools plugin in the backend admin
  2. download and install jUpgrade ver 1.2.3 from your 1.5.23 install admin area
  3. click big square icon and the migration will begin…then end, quite quickly.
  4. re-create menus
  5. re-create/re-design template

*I will also be setting up a 301 redirects, since the 1.7 is now in a sub-sub-directory.

**NOTE: I purchased and installed the other popular migration tool: SP Upgrade. It did not work and I was out $32 (US). I wish I had tried the jUpgrade first. Again, this was another abandoned site that I used as a test, but I don’t anticipate any issues on the client’s website in question here with the 300+ pages.[hr]
oh…one more thing I forgot to add…you will need to run the final migration (1.5.23 to 1.7.3) using Firefox. IE hangs, after you click the big square icon in step 3.