Help me please

So, I recently bought a hosting and domain on dreamhost, and also I bought HTML design on

I can’t get the site to work, and I don’t know why. I am transfering files using FTP, Filezilla…

So, this is how my folder on filezilla looks:

This is what I get when I type URL:

These are the folders I got from the unzipped file I bought on Envato.

And this is what I got in included HTML folder:

I tried uploading everything and nothing comes up. On my dreamhost web panel it says that my domain is fully hosted with PHP 5.6

Please help me, I really need this…

Thank you…


You need to upload all of the files and folders in this picture ( to your /home/YOURUSER/YOURDOMAIN and it should work.

I’m not sure how Filezilla displays your directories when you login, but you should see a folder named after your domain name. You would want to upload your files there.

Let me know if you need more help!

Thank you for your reply but I dont have a folder named after my domain name. Only folder i have is th “/” folder and a “logs” folder inside of it.

Ok, let’s check to see what the directory is for your domain then.

On your DreamHost Web Panel in the left column, click on “Domains” then click on “Manage Domains”.

You should see a list with columns for Domain, Registration, Web Hosting, Security, Email, and Actions.

Under Web Hosting, you should see something like this for your domain: (If not, you may need to setup your account for web hosting. I suggest Live Chat for more answers on that.)

Fully Hosted with PHP 5.6 (User: YOURUSER)
Edit | Remove

Click on “Edit” and you will see a section titled “Users, Files, and Paths”. We are interested in the “Web directory:” path. Should be something like /home/username/ and then a textbox. The contents of the textbox is the folder that your files should be uploaded to via Filezilla.

Thank you once again, but it didn’t work…
This is how it looks on filezilla:

And this is what you talked about:

Thank you for your time man, I really appreciate it
I got it. Thank you!
I dont know why but the folder I was supposed to put the files in was created automatically on a different location. Thank you anyway!

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