Help me please!

help me please!

today,i find dreamhost take $119.40 form my visa card !

but i never use your host , why you take my money ?

i afraid it’s a cheat. I’m the owner , the visa crd last number is
7051,please! pay my money back ! it’s a large number of money in
China! please!

thank you very much!

This forum is a user to help user forum, you should contact Dreamhost directly about this using the contact page below.

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It sounds like your credit card may have been compromised. Your best course of action would be to contact both DreamHost and your credit card company directly.

This forum is not the best place to contact DreamHost regarding such issues. Try the contact form linked below…

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Nice try. :wink:
This is a customer to customer forum board so you will need to contact VISA in China or
We could have a whip round for you.

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