Help me please

Okay, I thought I was ready for this. I was on angelfire before and I just registered all of my stuff here. It seems like theres so much to do and I dont know whats going on.

I own dreamweaver and on angelfire I just connected and uploaded my stuff. Someone please tell me what I need to do and get from the beginning and make sure to tell me like I’ve never seen anything like this before.

Help would be greatly!!! appriciated.

What exactly is it you’re having problems with?

With Dreamhost, you still basically just need to “connect and upload your stuff” - is it that you’re not sure what information to put into Dreamweaver’s FTP settings? If so, check the e-mails you got when you first opened your account. One of them should have the settings. You just use your web address (, without the http bit) as the FTP server, and the username and password you picked when you signed up, which should be in that e-mail. Just pick “New Site” in Dreamweaver, and enter the info under “Web Server” in the dialogue box that comes up. The “Local Root Folder” under “Local Info” will be the same as it was for your Angelfire site.

If there’s something else you’re having trouble with, just say what it is and someone should be able to help you. The knowledge base, at, is also very helpful.