Help me how to edit php.ini

I’m using rapidleech to leech file to my host (dreamhost) and download to my PC from that host.

Now I want to share with my friends but I want to limit file size for them to leech, about 10MB/files.

I’ve set in .htaccess as follow:

<IfModule mod_php4.c
php_value upload_max_filesize 10M

and edit host to PHP 4.4.7

But there wasn’t run properly.

Would you please help me how to solve this?

Thanks a lot, regards!

Do you have your own custom installation of PHP?

When you say that “But there wasn’t run properly”, what behavior did you observe? Did it allow bigger files? Was the actual limit lower?

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Yes, I had my own custom installation of PHP by using this guide:

When I leeched file with pre acc -> rapidleech allowed files bigger 10M (ex 100M).

What was the actual limit lower? I really didn’t know about it :frowning: I’m a beginner in PHP coding. I also read other websites and tried .htaccess method but it wasn’t right. I wonder if I should use PHP4 or PHP5?

Thanks for your helps :slight_smile:

That wiki page does not complile a custom PHP; it uses your own copy of php.ini with DreamHost’s PHP-CGI implementation.

mod_php is not involved in this at all, and that .htaccess directive will have no effect. If you have successfully installed your own php.ini file, it is in that file that you should change the max_upload_filesize setting.

Whether you are using PHP4 or PHP5 is irrelevant to that setting.