HELP me for Formmail Script and Upload Script

HELP me for Formmail Script and Upload Script!!!

What the proper script for this form HTML???



SAM Three Tech Communications maybe starters of this business but we believe that we grow much better than who and what we are yesterday.

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          <p class="color-1">We are what your business needs. Once your business demands are met, then our goal are within our reach.</p>
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          <p class="color-1">Success comes with a positive side. Even mistakes will lead to a better understanding of our business. Success is what we are aiming for.</p>
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        <h2 class="h2">SAM Three Tech Communications</h2>
        <p><a href="">SAM Three Tech Communications</a> is a Philippines Based  Telecommunications Company.</p>


SAM Three Tech Communications was founded in 2011 by the current CEO Mr. Mark Alvin Grajo as a Computer Café Chain. Over the months, the group diversified into areas including Online ESL Tutoring and finally a Call Centre. SAM Three Tech Communications entered the Telecommunications Industry around 2012 with the vision of serving clients from the U.S.A and some areas of Europe. This area would drive its subsequent growth.


At SAM Three Tech Communications, we see every day as a challenge and as an open opportunity. And we believe that we are perfectly positioning ourselves for the future to be the one of the nation’s TOP Telecommunications Company and to be recognized leaders in the Industry we are opening up to.



Our News


Opened up Computer Cafe Chain. Decided to create a ESL Center and made a twist to be a Call Center.

01-09-2013Read more


Daily trainings are monitored by our training team which helps bring out the Sales Person on our Team. Continous Training also applies.

01-09-2013 Read more


Started Live for Bounce Energy Campaign

01-11-2013 Read more

Urgeant Hiring

Call Center Agents.

01-20-2013 Read more

Website Launch

Planning Launch New Web page design premium template.

01-28-2013Read more

Staff Evaluation

Training for all agents proper English Intonation, etc.

01-31-2013Read more

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Your question doesn’t make sense. What do you mean by “the proper script for this form HTML”?

All you do is this:

............etc (they say in the wiki page thatits important to use 'name' not 'id' in form elements) and then for this to work you put your address in the form content: or possibly just foomatic would work and reduce spam you have to have your MX DNS record set up to use dreamhost. hosting the site with them and using their webmail is the easy way. you can forward the mail to another address from the webmail interface. Like so: