Help me for A record i am having domain into other hositng company

I want to host my files into Dreamhost and make A record into other hosting .

how can i have information or ip address for my hosting in dreamhost.

help me hosting Guru !

thanking in advance.

Set up the domain via ‘manage domains’ in the panel, then after a brief delay you can click the ‘DNS’ link under the domain name on that page. After the page reloads scroll down and find the ‘non-editable entries’ for your domain. There will be an ‘A’ record listed with an IP address, that is the IP address to use.

if i want to create a ftp username and password for my domain which is in other hosting provider how do i have ftp username password. so that i can have A record for that.

if you have added your domain as ‘fully hosted’ via ‘manage domains’ in the panel you have already specified an existing “user” or created a new one. Go to manage domains in the panel and look at the “webhosting” column it will tell you which “user” your domain is configured for. Then if you don’t know that users password, you can find it by going to “manage users” and clicking edit for the user in question.