Help me error msg!

here is the error msg i am recieving…

phpBB : Critical Error

Could not get theme data for themes_id [3]

does this mean the server is down or something?
i have not touched the forums since they were installed…they have been working fine up until last night…pleasse help me as this week it is essential for us to have the forums up we have a SCION (toyota motors) coorporate event that we are trying to promote via the board!.


shameless bump

i see all the posting here and i needs me an answer or suggestion!…please? :slight_smile:

hey, scion, im not very skilled in php lingolese, but, could your issue be related to the change DH made to handling php which so happens just went into effect yesterday?

PHP Configuration Change, allow_url_fopen Disabled (Policy Change)

Posted: Mar 16th, 2005 - 11:42:06 AM PST (1 day 17 hours ago)

PHP provides a feature allowing a programmer to open, include or otherwise use a remote file
using a URL rather than a local file path. Unfortunately, that feature is the source of a large
number of security holes in PHP web applications running on our servers and we have been
spending an increasing amount of time handling issues resulting from those security exploits.
In the interest of overall system security, we have decided to disable this feature as of now. We
apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. Please contact our support team if you have
any questions.


could be, DH supp team any thoughts on how i can fix this? i really really need to get it done asap!! thanks!

this is a phpBB related error and shouldn’t have been caused by the security changes at DH, unless you are using some heavily modded version. Check your database, to make sure it’s still there and hasn’t been corrupted.

Did you install phpBB yourself or through the panel? If it was installed by you (or someone for you), what version is it? There have been recent security patches, make sure your board has been upgraded to the latest version. If not, you might have been hacked.

If it is a DH “one click” installation, I’d email support directly. Otherwise, go to and ask for help at the forums.

Good luck.

so u think that this is php related? i may have been hacked? THAT sux…yes i installed it myself less than 4 mos ago…thx

Are you using the latest version 2.0.13?

i believe so…i dl it from the php site less than 3 mos ago and istalled immediately…

You are using version 2.0.11. The newest update came out Feb 27. You need to get the newest phpbb critical update >> 2.0.13.

I would also suggest getting the Admin Toolkit and make sure you have no hidden administrators on your site.

You should also get yourself on the phpbb updates mailing list and stay up-to-date

will do yep ive been lurking on the phpbb msg board and got a script that should fix the prob, but im still unsure how it happened in the first place…and rest assured, i WILL be updating with the critical updates tonite, and i WILL sign up for the update list…thanks for that tip!

u know why this may have happened?