Help making photo gallery

Ok, obviously I’m a newb, since I’m posting in the beginner’s forum. Anyway, I want to put up some pics on my site and I not sure what progs I need and how. I have Dreamweaver 2004 and I downloaded gallery-1 and jhead and was trying to follow some instructions ( using Putty. I seem to log into my site, but can’t “cd bin”, it can’t find the bin folder I made. And am I using Putty correctly, does it look like dos when you’re using it? Thanks in advance.


If you type in this command “ls -al” you can see all the directorys/files in your current directory.

That guide says just to make the “bin” directory in your home directory so that should be the main directory when you log into the account be it shell or ftp.

To get into your home directory(/home/username) from anywhere in your shell type “cd ~” and to check your current directory type “pwd” (print working directory)

To create the folder in the shell type in “mkdir bin” then do “ls -al” to make sure its there.

Then you will be able to use the “cd” (change directory) command.

Heres the “find” command incase you want to try and find that “bin” directory you already create if its there.
find ~/ -name FILE
Replace FILE with a file name or directory.

Hopefully this helps you, and yes Putty is supose to look like a dos window, lots of text.

Cool that actually helped a lot. I didn’t make the “bin” directory in the right area. I’m going to consult google for a complete list of putty commands. Thanks again Nef.

Here’s a rather useful list of linux bash commands (saying that our servers are all linux, and default to bash): I hope they’re as useful to you as they’ve been for me when I need a refresher.

Also, if you’d like to use a gallery that’s a bit easier to use than the dreamweaver one, I’d suggest checking out Gallery it’s rather easy to use, and has a well written interactive install.