Help! Major problems with my site!


I’ve uploaded everything via FTP to the root directory and nothing comes up.
All I get is a “Site Temporarily Unavailable” notice.
How do I fix it?

My site is if you want to see the notice.


Your site is displaying a “bad_httpd_conf” error for me.

This indicates some kind of error in the Apache configuration file. These errors can sometimes be rectified by the following procedure;

Go to Domains -> Manage Domains in the panel.
Click on Edit for the relavant domain (in the Web Hosting column).
Click Change fully hosted settings now! without actually changing anything.

This causes the Apache configuration file to be rebuilt.

If this does not solve the problem, then a support request would be the next logical step.


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I know I wasn’t the one who asked for this but I was gonna any minute as I’m having the same problem. Thanks for your answer, will do that right now! :slight_smile:


No problem, I hope the procedure works for you.

As I said above, this does not always solve the problem, but it is worth a try before contacting support.


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swizzmizz, changing a website to cloak another domain results in a dns change. it looks like you switched to cloak and then back and the dns hadn’t been updated back yet. I ran a dns config and you will be able to access your domain as soon as it propagates.



your logs directory was missing, so I added it back. apache needs a place to log visits to your site and so the site wasn’t coming up while it was missing.