HELP! Just signed up and it won't let me access it

I got this ridiculous email.

We had a problem automatically approving your account. You’ll be hearing from
us within 24 hours so that we can resolve any problems and activate your
account. If you have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to reply to this
email or contact our team here:

I do not understand. I just need to set up this damn wordpress account and I’ve got zero time and here I am sitting waiting for dreamhost for no apparent reason. I literally just paid for this service and have no access to it. What the crud!? Not freaking cool. Or promising.
Just forget it. This is ridiculous. I’m going elsewhere.

Just FYI, that email means that you failed one of the security checks during signup.

What security? All I did was sign up to host a blog. I didn’t open a swiss bank account.
I notice it didn’t give them any problem CHARGING my bank account. So no inconvenience for them then, just for me, the CUSTOMER.

they really don’t tell what the security checks are. A friend of mine had trouble setting up an account once using a US credit card from an IP in another part of the world, I’m sure there’s more than just that tho…

Well as I say, sure didn’t stop them from charging me. Just from giving me the service that I’ve just paid for.

Am having the same problem. Soo annoying!