Help! Joomla - Moved Website does not work

Hi, guys!

All the files in Joomla 1.7 were placed not in the root directory, but in a folder, which made the url look like: - a common problem.

I have chaged it as was instructed:

  • copied all files from public_html/joomla to public_html,
  • took out /joomla in the congiguration.php
    (var $log_path, var $tmp_path, var $ftp_root and var $live_site)
  • removed all content from the cache folder (though it still contains 4.00K of whatever)
  • .htaccess file is present, SEF is on
  • cache of the browser is also cleared
  • logged out and restarted

DOES NOT WORK! Please, help!

Thanks a lot!

public_html is a common directory used by other hosts.

However at dreamhost your path to index.html should be something like


Where USER is replaced with your users username and DOMAIN.COM is replaced by your actual domain name.

If you user and domain have been set up correctly you will not need to create either the USER or DOMAIN.COM folders. They will be created automatically for you via manage domains.

Hope that helps.