Help installed gallery, now joomla is hiccuping?


Okay so last 2-3 days I’ve gone crazy uploading a crap load of photos into my photo gallery quite pleasantly easily. So far 4K in pics, and even got some basic customizations down pat.

I have decided now to try out adding a joomla blog thingy…because my html is lacking, and my home page consists of text and two links folder style.,
root and photos–>Gallery

my domain is

gallery is installed in domain/photos

When one-click asks me I choose the default website as the location to be installed to which it gives me this error

We were unable to set up joomla as requested at:

The problem was directory /home/user/ is not empty! Please re-install,
specifying an empty (or new) directory.

Please correct this and go to our web panel and re-submit your
joomla installation request.

Thanks, and sorry about that!
The Happy DreamHost Installer Robot

what’s my solution?

Basically I want that blog thing WHUTEVER the heck it is to be loaded as my homepage? Can I give it another location and then point TO the blog??

something tells me I’m using blog incorrectly., I’ve seen an acronym CM? or something to describe joomla as being a type of “this” sorta software.

Norm…you out there? hehe.


Is that where you just installed the index.html file earlier. If it is then the one click install is just being cautious about installing something that might overwrite files already in there. So it needs to install into an empty folder.

If you deleted everything in the root folder (i.e. in your so the folder was empty then it may install okay.
I’ve not used joomla so I don’t know if it needs it’s own folder.
In any case I’d be inclined to install it in and then use the redirect feature to point your domain to the folder that joomla is in.

Oh the remap a sub directory feature is at



lol…you are the bomb!

Yup., that’s where my index.html is installed. remap it is!

Excellent advice!!