Help? Index of problem

My host is dreamhost… i registered domain name with godaddy, but i’ve redirected everything to dreamhost (, ns2…, etc…)… did a whois check… and it sees it…

i still get index of on my site… its been about 2 weeks now…

the site is… i’ve uploaded the contents to, B-SideAmerican, b-sideamerican, etc… nothign works…

Any tips?

Do i need to put in the IP for dreamhost at godaddy? or is there something in dreamhost that i need to change…

When you connect to your site with FTP, you should see a number of folders already created for you. These include things like Maildir and logs. There should also be a folder in there that is the same as your domain name. Anything you put in that folder will be visible on the web. Try putting a single test document (such as a .txt) in there to see what happens. If this folder is missing, you should open a support ticket.

Simon Jessey | Keystone Websites
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thats the thing… no dir was there to upload to (waited 3 days for one)… so i decided to create one… “” assuming that would be the name of the folder since the link is

I think you should reply to your support ticket and explain exactly what you did.

Simon Jessey | Keystone Websites
Save $97 on yearly plans with promo code [color=#CC0000]SCJESSEY97[/color]

It sounds like you haven’t set up a domain here yet. Even though you’re using the DreamHost name servers, you have to use the control panel to create the domain on the webserver. Here’s the wiki article:

Here’s a link to the control panel:

And a link to create the domain here: