Help index got deleted

Ok my site is the index is gone! I deleted a script (my only script i had on) and looks like i deleted index also! How do i get it back so i can upload my script again. I tried making a notepad document named index.html and uploading it but wont work. please help

ssh to the server. cd into .snapshot ( you won’t be able to see the directory, but it’s there ). You can get snapshots of your site back a week and a month I thinkl. Something like that. Directories are clearly named. Just ‘ls’.

Forgot to mention im a a little noob lol. Will that get my index back so i can update my site? If so can you explain it easier?

You can also access the .snapshot directory through FTP. Dh makes backups aviable at hourly.o, hourly.1, nightly.0, nightly.1, weekly.0, and weekly.1. The 0 would be the most rescent, and the 1 - a unit before.

If you’re going to access it through FTP, once you log in just manually type in the folder to move to and type “.snapshot/” (with out quotes) Then you’ll see aviable directories - just download your index, and then upload it into your folder where you files normally go.


fixed thanks!