Help, I want to pay

My account has been suspended because I forgot to pay my bill. I want to fix this ASAP. I want to pay. The problem is I can not access my panel to pay the bill. I have IP address authorization turned on and I do not have any IP address authorized to access the panel. I can’t authorize any since i need my email to work to do that and it has been shut off.

Can someone please help ASAP by phone or email. Please use my gmail address as my one is locked.

My account info is
account #65124 (“daveorr’s Account”)

Please contact me ASAP and i will provide payment info.

You can contact dreamhost via this form. Beware it’s a slow method.

I tired that but you need to use you email address from your account and that is blocked. Even if they respond i wont get it.

That’s confusing. I assure you however that many people use this method to reach support from an alternate email address. I don’t see anything requiring you to use a known email address. Certainly however if submitting the form generates an error for an unrecognized email address you can certainly specify a known one for the “email” field on the form, then give another within the question you ask.

That form is the only method to contact support outside of opening a ticket, which you can’t do with an expired account.

ok i used my dreamhost email in the section of the form that asks for email. then i gave my gmail in the body of the question. I hope that works.