Help - I Need Suggestions on Email Client

Hi, I need some help from the community. I’ve been reading the threads and am equally as frustrated as all of you with the email delays. I am not “forwarding” my emails to gmail as I’ve read on some of the chains, but instead am using Outlook as an email client to capture my emails hosted by Dreamhost. (Sorry if that’s not technically correct - I’m by no means a techie, although as a small business owner I’m having to be my own IT which is certainly challenging especially in situations like this.) I am now seeing 24 hour delays in emails, and this is incredibly problematic for my business. I absolutely cannot function with these types of delays. With that said, I’m trying to understand if I can keep my domain hosted with DreamHost, but move my email elsewhere (and yes, I will pay!) in order to get my emails when they are sent. I’m hoping I don’t have to deal with transferring my domain to an entirely new host provider in order to get my email fixed. In the case I can just move the email portion, does anyone have suggestions on a company to do this with? Any suggestions/recommendations would be so welcome. I am really at the end of my rope with these delays, and trying to deal with this over the weekend since I don’t have as many business emergencies to deal with.

Gmail is $5 per user per month and is pretty darned reliable:

Before you switch over to some other mail host, be sure to have everything there already set up. Some offer mail migration to capture your current mailboxes from here.

You can set up external mail hosting via the DreamHost panel under Mail -> Custom MX.

Thanks Scott, I’ll look into Gmail for business. Do you know if I move over to it, whether it will fix the delays in email going on at the Dreamhost end?

Also see this thread, which talks about options other than Gmail. Nothing against Gmail, but thought you might be interested to see the discussion.

I’m also looking at moving email hosting elsewhere. Soon.

Once you switch to Gmail for your domain, DreamHost mail has no impact. MX Records for your domain tells the world to send to Gmail and not DreamHost. Your mail will never touch DreamHost again.

Except…if your website sends email directly from the server. In that case, that email goes through DreamHost, but that should be ok since all the current problems lie with inbound email.

Another post in this thread mentions Zoho. I just looked at them and they don’t leave me with a warm fuzzy feeling. I started the signup process there and aborted because it doesn’t offer a simple forwarder. I’d have to set up a mail account, then turn it into a forwarder and turn off the mailbox. So my mail is still here at DreamHost.

Moved to Rackspace email last night, and so far so good.