Help i have no idea what is going on!

hi i intially signed up to this for my own domain email account under the impression that is was only going to $9.95/year. Then all of a sudden i have been charged an extra $119.40 for what i do not know. Please can someone help me urgently all i wanted was my own domain email and had been previoulsy reading up on the net that it is only around $7-12 a year. I do not understand what this “My Great happy hosting plan” is and would like a refund on it as i did not want this service. And could someone please help on how to go about setting up an email account.
thank you

9.95 per year is the domain registration fee. This buys you the name for one year, but gives you no server to use. The 119.40 buys that for a year at dreamhost.

Dreamhost doesn’t have an email only plan, but other places do. If you want email only, you might want to check out which is a newer Microsoft offering that I personally now reccomend as one of the best low cost solutions that also uses “push” technology for smartphones.

Be careful to read reviews for whatever email service your thinking about. Some are less friendly and make you use webmail only, others may generate a lot of spam and adding your domain to their server will end in your email being bounced or moved to spam folders, just based I the reputation of the server. (Dreamhost customers run into this actually).

Once you’ve picked out who you want to go with you will either need to set the nameservers or mx record for that domain you purchased (the 9.95 above).

You probably want to cancel the hosting portion from dreamhost if all you want is email only.

thanks for the help. i have found a place that does email only. there are saying that i need to point the domain name from here to there before i can do a transfer. they said do this through the control panel. im still not sure as to how to do this. sorry another nagging question do u know how i can cancel the hosting portion?
thanks again mpande

footnotes and additions: is now free. It appears from this article that you can use your own domain with the free account.

there is also a premium version of the service:

I currently have a customer using the paid version. The free version is new since I last looked. I’m going to set up a test domain later today on the free version (I’m out of time at the moment), I’ll be sure to post back if there were any issues or surprises.

Did they give you nameservers or mx records? Namesevers just go to manage domains in the panel and click the DNS link under the domain name and fill out the nameservers on the next page.

hi! yes there are about to give me both the mx and nameservers.

woohoo !!

i think you have to get in touch with support via panel > live chat or phone to cancel hostjng. email may be available too, but live chat will get answers much quicker.