HELP! I can't sync my online form with my database

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HELP! I can’t sync my forms with my database.

I created the form in html and I am having trouble getting the forms to upload to my php database. Someone suggested I use this page to help:

But I am still having troubles. Is there anyone out there who can walk me through this?


If the page gives you code that uses localhost, that’s probably part of the problem.

Make sure any mention of localhost is replaced with whatever your database hostname is (Ex:

Like this line from that page:

$con = mysql_connect(“localhost”,“yourDatabaseUsername”,“yourDatabasePassword”);

I noticed the page tells you to update what’s in bold… but doesn’t have localhost in bold, so make sure that’s corrected.

Other than that, you’ll probably have to be more specific about the problems you’re having for people here to be able to offer advice.

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