Help, httpd.conf

Please explain to me like I am five. :slight_smile:

I run a school wordpress/buddypress site and some of my students get a 503 error message.

This is the response from customer help:

[quote]This may be because the server itself has a concurrent IP connection
limit per IP address. Often times a school will use the same IP for all
students connecting. In this case you’ll need to update this value in
your httpd.conf file on your VPS. This setup is beyond the scope of our
support I’m sorry to say. But here is a wiki that shows you where to find
the httpd.conf file on the VPS:

And to find the error.log on the server navigate to this folder:


How do I access the /dh/ directory to get to this location (from the wiki)?

Thanks for any help on this. :slight_smile:

The simplest way is to use an SFTP client to connect to and browse the system. WinSCP is a good one.

I use Filezilla at work and Transmit at home. I just do not see the /dh/ directory.

Whack /usr/local/dh/apache2/apache2-psXXXX/logs/ in the client’s address bar and see how you go.