Help! How do I get my copyrighted work taken off a Dreamhost-hosted site?

Do I have the right forum? Any and all help appreciated, thanks!


hopefully one of the green names will provide some info, but in the mean time use this form to contact support to ask the procedure and requirements.

Use the contact form, and we will have a look to see what we can do. We may have to get legal involved.

If the material that’s been posted is your intellectual property (i.e, you made it and it belongs entirely to you), and you’ve already tried to get in touch with the site owner, your best bet is to file a DMCA takedown. We can’t directly assist you with putting this together, but it should be pretty easy for you to find information online that is of assistance. Once you have everything in order, you can submit the DMCA takedown to our contact form, or directly to

Hello and thanks for the answers! I have already tried sending a DMCA takedown statement re. the copyrighted material, to no avail. It went directly to but as far as I can see, the work is still there. Racking my brains as to what to do. Can I pm you Andrew F?