Help! How Can I get My Wordpress Recovered after

Hitting the Reset button accidentally. I thought I was resetting 2 main issues I had and click the whole thing was set back to brand new default and all my pages and posts are gone! Please Help! I host with Dreamhost!


How long does it take for Support to answer a ticket now-a-days?

I think it depends on the question and a few other variables, like how urgent you said it was and how big the queue it ends up in.

Which reset button did you press? We don’t have one on the One Click installers, and WP doesn’t have this natively.

Ip Stenu it was in the Wordpress plugin options when I was trying to fix a problem with my store. So I deactivated some of the plugins then my store e-commerce plugin worked but my blogs were on my front page and I wanted them under blog so I pressed the re-set button it had given me and Walla - back to the Stone Age beginning!

Try restoring your database only, via panel. That’s going to be where everything is kept.

That plugin option sounds like it was specific to THAT plugin, though. It’s generally not something normal.