Help - Google Analytics with Dreamhost

Hi everyone,
I need some advice.

I have a main domain (my main website) and a subdomain (my blog)
I have them listed as web properties in my account on google analytics.

I clicked the google anayltics box (yes speed optimization is checked) for both of the domains on the Manage domains/edit pages.
I have added the perspective UA ID for both in the proper page under Edit domain.

For the blog - I have installed google analytics plugin and inserted the proper UA ID there too.

When I go to my google analytics account it says:
Status: Tracking Not Installed

What have I missed? Do I have to copy and past the code that google analytics lists on the Tracking info page? Isn’t dreamhost supposed to take care of that when we click the button? If yes, how do I insert that on my blog post page? or on my main website which I created on iweb?

Any help is very welcomed. Thanks much!!

PS What do you use for your subscribe button. Mine isn’t sending the confirmation email. Thanks!!

If your main site isn’t actually hosted on DreamHost, changing the Google Analytics settings for it in our panel won’t actually do anything. You’ll need to set up analytics where it’s actually hosted.

Sorry if I was unclear. Everything is hosted on dreamhost!

I suppose it is possible that the analytics plugin could be throwing it off (I’m not sure it’s necessary in addition to our setup) for the blog, but that doesn’t explain the main domain. It sounds like everything else was done correctly, but just to be sure, please double-check this list: I’ve also seen it take some time for Analytics to recognize the newly inserted code. If everything was done properly and Google still isn’t tracking your sites, please reach support directly from your panel so we can investigate your specific setup! Thanks

Cedric H,
Dreamhost Staff

Don’t do both, Google doesn’t like that. That could cause things to go stupid on their end.

View the source on your page and look for “” - Is it showing up?