Help getting Joomla up and running


I’ve been through the Joomla one click install several times, and keep getting stuck in the same place: on the database configuration page. I’ve checked under MySQL to make sure I’m getting the correct database name, user name, and password. I’ve leaving hostname as “localhost” although I’ve tried many other things, nothing seems to work.

Each time, I get the same error:

Could not connect to the database. Connector returned number: 2

Unfortunately, the install instructions in the wiki are way old (2010) and seem very different from what’s there now, so they are of no help.

Any help would be much appreciated!

Thank you,



Leaving the hostname as “localhost” will definitely not work. The hostname should match a database hostname that you’ve previously configured in your Panel. The correct value should be in the email you received with configuration details when you started the one-click install; it will probably be something to the effect of “”.


Well, there’s part of the problem - I never got an email when I started the one click install!


Hmm — I took a peek at your support history, and that message should have come through. If it didn’t show up, you can see it in the panel under Support > Support History.


Thanks very much, that one piece of information did the trick! Too bad it doesn’t say what to do in that spot in the installer (it says to leave as “localhost”). That would really help clear things up :wink:

Also, not sure why I wasn’t getting the install emails; I was getting the emails when I deleted the installs just fine!!




To be fair, the default of “localhost” is correct in a lot of other hosting environments. It just isn’t correct here.