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Okay. So recently I created a website for a friend in FrontPage. He bought a Dreamhost account, and this weekend I tried to FTP the files to the domain. Unfortunately, I’ve been completely unsuccessful. I originally just chose the ‘Publish Web’ in the file menu of FrontPage, as I’ve successfully published webpages before using that option. It sent the files to the FTP address, but it showed an empty directory on my http address. After attempting this several times with no results, I used the WS_FTP program and FTPed the files that way. This too seemed to work, until I checked the website and came up with the “Page cannot be found” screen. I am completely lost and would really appreciate help. I’ve read all the documentation on this site I possibly can but nothing solves my problem!

I don’t know the first thing about frontpage, other than that I choose to stay far away from it. Sorry if this isn’t much help. But could it be that your friend hasn’t enabled fp extensions? This can be done in the web panel under goodies.


yeah, the horrors of frontpage, i know. i wouldn’t have used it except that i needed to make something quickly and I didn’t have anything else (plus I’m really no web designer and frontpage is terribly simple). the thing is, i looked into that as a possibility, but DreamHost makes it pretty clear that there is absolutely no need to enable frontpage extensions. they tell you explicitly that it’s unnecessary. so, i ruled that out–but maybe i should do it just in case. it’s as good a suggestion as any.


what would be the cause of that, and how might I fix it? I am using the information provided to me in the confirmation email sent by DreamHost. I’m sure at least that I’m using the domain they provided because I can log in to the DreamHost account and check.

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If you have enable Front Page extensions, which I believe that you do, you can’t access your site VIA FTP. When dreamhost sets up your domain to work with front page extension it changes the permissions on all of your files so that you can’t access them through the normal means. you won’t see any of your files that you publish through front page on FTP or though shell access, but they’re there.

Dreamhost also doesn’t make the same automatic backups that they do for normal domain. so be sure and keep copies of your site on your own computer.

I have a domain set up with frontpage extension… not really great. Also if you don’t want to publish your site through front page, you don’t really need frontpage extension turned on, you don’t need them enless you’re using a frontpage submit form, or discussion pages. (and thoes can be replaces with easly aviable dreamhost scripts)


Here try going to ws_ftp then when it is is like there where you connect go to start up and under remote directory type in /Public_html that should work


as a huge FP user myself, i can tell you the trials and tribulations of using FP…I can tell you that DH is not the place for you if you or your friend plan on using FP regularly. DH only has Unix servers and the FP extensions that are used on these servers are outdated. The core problem that you will find after awhile is that DH server timeout values are far far too low for running FP on. This will cause a host of publishing errors. As another poster informed you, you can only use the FP publishing wizard to publish to a server with FP enabled, but the others who have stated that you dont need FP and can use the DH provided code for forms and discussion groups are not correct. The only possible way to avoid major headaches is to use FP and all of its capabilities or do not use it at all…and as i stated before, DH is definitely not very FP-friendly, I used ValueWeb, Affinity, and WinSave prior to DH and now am moving to…1and1 is an absolute huge company that actually has 24/7 PHONE tech support and it is a toll free number. Not to mention that they allow for 200 domains on their premium plans as opposed to 15 for DH…I would assist you any way i can with things that i have successfully troubleshooted over the years if you like and as long as the FP website that you are attempting to host at DH is small, you should be in good shape. :slight_smile:


The best advice regarding FrontPage in the previous posting is the part that says “don’t use it at all”.

– Dan