Help for using mirror domains for wordpress test site

Hello, and thanks for your time. I’m having trouble setting up a wordpress test site on a mirror domain, and am not sure I fully understand the function of a mirror domain.

I have a domain, and a mirror domain, for my wordpress installation. However, I thought that I could make changes at the dreamhosters address and it wouldn’t change on the site. However, this is not the case.

I used the wordpress plugin, duplicator, to copy my site files and database over to from a local offline MAMP install.

I also tried following this wiki article: and this one and this one:

However, when I make changes through the wordpress dashboard at the dreamhosters mirror, they show up immediately at the main website.

How can I use the mirror as a test site? Thank you for your help!

the dreamhosters mirror is for one purpose and that is working on a site before the sites DNS points to dreamhost.

Lets say for the past 2 years you have been running and it has been hosted at Brand-X hosting. Now you decided you want to run at dreamhost, but you want to have the blog complete at dreamhost before moving the DNS for blogZ from pointing users to BlogZ at Brand-x. Setting up a mirror allows you to work on blogZ at dreamhost while users going to blogZ still wind up seeing the blog at Brand-X hosting. Once you flip the switch and get rid of Brand-x completely, there is no need for the mirror anymore.

If you want to use the dreamhosters sub-domain for development purposes rather than a URL mirror you can set it as Fully Hosted from within Panel and then create a copy of your website there.

Perhaps I don’t want a mirror then. I have never had my site anywhere else other than dreamhost. I actually never had the site setup, I only had the domain hosted with dreamhost. I just want to be able to develop the site before anyone else can type in the domain name and see it.

sXi, are you saying I can use the dreamhosters sub-domain and have it function as a regular domain if I set it to fully hosted rather than mirrored? Or should I just create a sub-domain such as rather than

Thanks again for your help.

Yeah, it can function as a regular sub-domain when set to Fully Hosted (no need to create one using your own domain name).