Help! (For Serious/Real Talk)

Kind folks of Dreamhost,

I need some help. I need to either resetting my account back to zero, otherwise I’m going to just cancel it and consider it a $10 headache rather than a $110 dollar moneypit.

I’m the first to admit that I’m fairly ignorant in web design and what grasp of coding I had has been weathered over time so jumping in and trying to tango with this on my own leaves me to be solely responsible for my failures… but good grief, I can’t believe the trouble this has been.

After tinkering around with the WP One-Click, I decided to delete it and start fresh … except I couldn’t delete the akismet plug-in from the directories for the life of me.

I thought it might have been a fluke considering how inconsistent the WebFTP acted (seriously had the load the thing half a dozen times.) So I created a new sub-directory with no avail.

I tried to start with some fresh databases … this just led me to not being able to access anything.

So, I’ll plead guilty to being unprepared for how poorly this could go… but seriously, it seems like I can’t get a break. It doesn’t help how non-user-friendly the whole experience has been.

I’ve had an account two days, and yes, I need to spend some time seriously reviewing PHP, SQL, et al. But really, I just want to know if there is ANY way to set my account back to its fresh, original state or if I should just pull the plug right now and leave with just my domain.

Apologies for crying like a baby, I just really expected things to be a lot easier to handle and support to be far more accessible.

Sure there are serveral ways…

One is to vist the one-clicks page in the panel and “manage installed installations” and expand your one click install by clicking the > on the left, then deleting all files (and yes this does delete ANYTHING at that path, not just what the one-click isntaller installed.

Another, just visit “manage domains” in the panel and delete the domain, then visit “manage users” and delete the associated user.

Feel free to ask for help here =] Most of us try to help :slight_smile:

Help! Yes, a lifevest, I’m drowning!

Will deleting the domain not royally mess me up though? Can I add it back in (with ease?)

Sorry, I just really don’t want to cancel my acct but I need to make sure I’m not setting myself up for failure too.

Yes you can delete the domain on manage domains and then add it back.

CAVEAT: If you add the domain back AND use the same USER then the files you are talking about will still be there (they aren’t actually deleted from the server). To avoid this, delete the domain, wait until you get the confirmation email, and add it back using a different USER.

MORE: Deleting the domain on the “Manage users” page does not delete the domain registration from your account, It just clears the server/DNS stuff… HINT: wait for the confirmation emails before putting it back.


Worked like a charm. Now I just get a 404 when I try any of the set-up material on the WP page :wink:

I’m going to give it some time to let everything be appropriately added. Seriously though, thanks a ton. I was about to pull out my hair. W3 tutorials, here I come…