Help for cleaning up a messy website

Hi there,

before activating my Dreamhost account I was experimenting with a free hosting service called Hostinger on a domain that I had registered with

With Hostinger I created a horrible website, using their website builder tool.
Now I would have liked to start anew with Dreamhost + Wordpress.

So I transferred my domain and installed Wordpress.

How can I erase everything that was created with the other service?

And, by the way, how can it be that the system let me transfer the domain without asking for any permission?
I had assumed that I would have had to enter godaddy to give the permission for the transfer.

As you can see I’m a tru newbie so apologies for the obvious questions.

Grazie e ciao!

Your nameservers are still pointing to Hostinger, you will need to change those to

Log into the registrar to make that change.

For what it’s worth I don’t think godaddy or dreamhost is actually an agent for the tld .it

Thanks, I’m updating the nameservers.

As for the .it thing I bought the domain with Godaddy so I assume they have some third party managing them on their behalf.