HELP --- files suddenly disappeared in Bottlecap


OMG, all my files for a specific user had DISAPPEARED…!!! (in bottlecap)

what happened…?? i cannot even get a recovery from the .snapshot directory because the hourly and nightly folders dont exist…

what’s wrong here? just a couple of days ago i had problems with my email, and now, files are LOST…

how unreliable can DreamHost get???


I suspect that if you contact support they’ll be able to sort things out for you. Keep us informed.

–Matttail - personal website


eehhhh…??? what happened…??

moments later i check - files, as well as the directory structure are back…

however, moments back - only a few folders were there, and no files within them…

strange – can anyone at least give a hint? are we being spooked here?


Hard to say exactly what happened, but it’s possible your server was being failed over to new hardware and you just access your account in the middle of the transfer, or there was something going on with the NFS that hosts your files and it was in the middle of moving your data for some reason.

It may well be that in a few min you’ll find a post on the status blog mentioning what happened, or support could probably fill you in if there’s nothing there.

–Matttail - personal website


yes, i already contacted support… but as mentioned in a previous post (ours might have crossed), everything is back to normal… spoooky…

i again contacted support to at least give me an explanation - this is kind of mind boggling.