Help! domain transfer

So…I have changed webmasters and am rebuilding my website. I am transferring my domain away from Dreamhost. My new registrar cannot complete the transfer because the email that is showing up on the WhoIs profile isn’t accurate. My webmaster changed the email on file so that the transfer request would come to me…and he removed the privacy setting as was requested by the new registrar. However, none of that is showing up on the WhoIs info…I have left messages for DreamHost to call be back, but no call so far

Hey Hotcomedy, if you haven’t opened a ticket yet, I would suggest you to do so as soon as possible because from the forums we can’t really help you with this sort of issues. Please go to and if you don’t have access to DreamHost Panel pick ‘Other’ from the dropdown menu. Explain the situation in all details there, including the emails involved in the transaction, the domain and anything that can help Tech Support personnel identify the root cause and solve it.