HELP: Domain Rego Transfer

I’m not happy with my current domain registration provider.

I hold the domains

I would very much like to transfer all domain registration to you guys at DreamHost… since this is the first time I have ever had to do this could someone take my hand and show me how to do this?

Yes, my account is “due” with my original provider thus the reason i’m interested in transferring. I don’t require hosting… just the domains to be kept as they are (i use the domains to fwd people to other websites ie fwds people to my MySpace page) as well as be able to ‘have control’ of making/deletion of email accounts associated with each domain.

all replies will be emailed to my email address so you can reply here, email me direct or pm me…

Some instructions are here:

Basically, you have to:

  1. Unlock your domain with your current registrar
  2. Turn off privacy settings for your domain where it’s registered
  3. Get the Authorization Code for each domain
  4. Go into your Panel here for Transfer Domain and enter the domain name and Authorization Code
  5. Wait. You’ll start getting emails for confirmations over the next several days.


It stands to say that once i have transferred all my domains to DH that I can go in and select “Auto Renewal” and all that jazz? Can I make my details private if someone does a whois search on those domains?

What about the hosting … at the moment all my web addresses fwd people to other websites (web addresses)… will they stay intact whilst the transfer happens???

For example, fwds people to my MySpace page… will this continue to function after the transfer or it is up to me to set that up?

You’ll have to redo the forwards here on DreamHost. How were they set up in the first place? I only ask to gauge your level of experience with this sort of thing to make sure that you have all the information you need from your original registrar and host in order to get things set up before the transfer occurs.

I would investigate the links myself but I’m at work and am afraid to click on the links in case HR walks by! :slight_smile:

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I’ve never had to do this before as these are the first domains i’ve ever registered and gotten someone else to do it for me. and directs people to directs people to; all direct people to

I’m wanting more control of all of the domains as i’m hoping to host them all on one server in the near future not all over the joint… and would to control where each directs someone etc.

Since you seem to have them at, you just need to login and unlock them, as the previous poster said. You click on the domain name and change “locked” to “unlocked”. Then you add them in your Dreamhost Control Panel. At the bottom of the form is a place to “redirect” them and you just fill in the URLs. You will get lots of emails and authorizations, but if the redirects are in place here, then once they are transfered, they will continue to work as always.

I don’t have what is needed to be able to access them via as i have been using all this time… so how do i do all that without access to the domains ???

A whois lookup on one of your domains shows that it is registered through and points to your current host. It’s registered in your name, but maybe the people at did the actual registration. So you probably don’t have a login at The domains might not even be locked.

If you go to, there is a support contact form and phone number. They probably have something to go through to prove who you are. is listed at the administrative email address. You could email them and find out what you need to be able to login and unlock your domains, if they are indeed locked. Both parties should help you with this. I had a client who let her ISP register her domains and had no idea how to get them transfered. I called the ISP and they were basically clueless. Then I called the registrar (Network Solutions!) and they said, “have the client call us and verify a couple of things. It will be no problem.” It ended up being easy for her and she knew nothing about the process at all.

At the time of this post, it is past 4am in the morning. I best be going to bed and will get to all this “tomorrow” (which is whenever i arise probably around mid-day lol). thank you so much everyone here :slight_smile:

i’ve sent an email off to jelly asking for their help/assistance with this matter. if they can’t help, then i will contact and verify myself.