Help! DH Control Panel just "hit the fan"

I’m trying not to panic here, but I just logged in to my DH control panel, and THERE IS NOTHING THERE!

It says I have no domains, no subdomains, and that my “account is pending approval” even though I’ve been with DreamHost since March 2004.

My domains (mostly seem to still be up) but I received no emails from DH to indicate anything is wrong.

Anyone have a clue what is going on? I have TWO CodeMonster accounts, and they BOTH seem to have disappeared from the control panel.

This is pretty scary, especially with no way to reach DreamHost to know what is going on. I’ve sent a trouble ticket already, but it seems they take 24+ hours to respond… which is not good if I need to be doing something NOW to start fixing whatever is wrong.

Anyone ever have this happen?

And now, with no explanation… all my domains are BACK in my control panel.

What is going on?

Feeling better… but still not happy with being kept in the dark.

Every since that panel “upgrade” they did, things have been wacky concerning the Panel. I am almost certain they must be working on it, and are probably just as frustrated by not being able to contact us as we are with being unable to contact them. You can always ask for a call back. (See at the bottom of the support form a box to check.) Of course, I don’t think support requests are going through either, because mine have not been answered, and that has never happened before. (I’ve been with DH since 1999 and they are the best on the net in my opinion.) This will all get resolved soon, I am sure, but, meanwhile, things are a bit crazy.

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[quote]my “account is pending approval” even though I’ve been with DreamHost since March 2004.


That’s a known bug that afftects plan-less accounts, so suggests you or the panel itself logged you in with the wrong web ID. Did you see what was said by the "Welcome " message at the top of the panel display?