Help deleting a dir please?

I’ve got a dir in my space that won’t go away, in fact, I renamed the dir “wontgoaway” after several attempts at getting rid of it. There is one file inside it that hass a tilde~ at the beginning of it, I assume this is the problem.

I’m using ws_ftp for my file transfers and I ssume I’m gonne have to learn a new trick to get rid of this sucker. Anyone want to teach me this new trick?



Log into your account through shell/telnet.

Move into the directory in question and execute the following command:

rm -r *

Be sure to only execute this within the directory you’re trying to get rid of. You will then be able to safely delete the directory.

The reason behind this is that WS_FTP can not delete files begging or ending with certain characters - due to security implacations.

If you want a FTP client that does, try WS_FTP PRO or CuteFTP.


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if you only want to delete one file, you can also do:
% rm ~foo
(escaping the tilde with a backslash). if your user is ftp only, the simplest thing to do is to ask support to remove it for you.

files named with a ‘-’ are trickier, since rm expects that anything starting with a ‘-’ is an argument.

to remove a file like this, do:
% rm ./-blah