Help copying file in usr/local/bin

after compiling ffmpeg in home/dtbdesign/ dir how do i move or copy the ffmpeg file to my usr/local/bin

i though when i do the make install command that would put it there but id does not.

tried so many commands

im using putty to login to my shell

any help would be appreciated.

You don’t.

You make a directory /home/dtbdesign/bin and copy it there.

In the shell, ~/ is short for /home/username/, so ~/bin is the same as /home/dtbdesign/bin

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thanks for replying so if i logon and create a bin dir in my root

where i have these folders

that will work and just copy the file ffmpeg and ffserver

The command would be

mkdir ~/bin
cp -R ~/ ~/bin

Don’t worry about ffserver, that is a server which you’re not allowed and not necessary to output frames.

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