Help configuring wiki to work using a subdomain


Hi -

I just installed a wiki to this path:

But I’d really like to to live here:

Could someone help me? If I need to start over that’s OK but if there is an easy way to do this then I would be grateful for any help. I am a newb when it comes to subdomains and server path resolution so the subdomain config page is a head scratcher for me.

thanks in advance,



I don’t know what wiki you installed, but you can probably create the subdomain, move the files to that domain, and fix up the configuration file(s) (assuming it’s MediaWiki then that’s LocalSettings.php).


If you did it by the one-click install, and wish to continue using one-click, I’m pretty sure you’ll have to do a fresh install in the new subdomain.

As the other poster suggested, keep that LocalSettings file and copy it to the new site once it’s set up. I just did a one-click install to overwrite an existing install just because I’m lazy and want one-click to handle the upgrades. The one-click didn’t overwrite my existing database.