Help Applying Promo Code 777May11

Hope someone can help me with this - I just signed up for a Dreamhost account, hoping to get the “777May11” promo deal (I’m a brand new customer).

Unfortunately, I went through the entire process and didn’t see anywhere to enter the code. Eventually I got to the end and I was signed up. I never saw an order total or anything.

Can someone let me know how to fix this? I really don’t want to pay full price for Dreamhost, I am signing up because of the great deal.


I’ve looked at this and messed around a bit, but the only way I can figure to apply a promotional code is through an affiliate link. So, for example:"affiliate-id-number"|"promo-code"|777may11 (except this code doesn't look like it works for some reason)

Unfortunately, this won’t help you if you’ve already signed up… I’d open a ticket with support but they might have to transfer your issue to billing and that can take a few extra days. If you get started with that now though, they can probably sort it out before the free trial expires.

I think the promo code may not valid for now or Offer ended. If you want to signup hostting account with discount you may signup an affilate account and later generate a support ticket to add hosting with promocode. Contact Chat support for better response, they are very active in this.

You may use mine, which will give you maximum $100 Off. For details visit:

They extended the sale to May 2nd. Check out the small print.

Anyway, just went into my web panel and noticed that the discount was applied, so we can mark this as “solved”


I just signed up for an account and tried to use the promo code which is extended through today. I saw no place to enter the code and now I have an account, so I emailed tech support.

Since your account is already created, you will have to contact DH support to sort it out. They will be glad to assist you.

Yeah, what is it with these promo codes, i just sent an email to dreamhost for the very same reason as eve6mediahq, but in my case its the current promo (thanksgiving 777thanks11) nowhere to be found ANY info on the redemption of the offer code, no listing of the supposed terms and conditions, yet they walk you through, take your credit card details and now what??? i get charged full price in two weeks??? I think not!!

If it’s not too much to ask, putting the cart before the horse (or in this case the turkey) obviously doesn’t bring with it a sense of customer satisfaction, more a sense of dread hoping i haven’t been led up the garden “credit card” path.

The fact that this has also happened to others as many months back as May imply that there is something more akin to apathy on the part of DreamHost.

So what about it guys? do i get the promo code validated? Or would you rather i disappear in a puff of logic???

Regards and best wishes to all
i guess this answers my previous post, seems the current offer doesnt extend to me … i wonder why??? anyway here’s their reply, seems they are happier to see me leave than add to their ranks …

Truly dismayed… here’s their reply


I apologize for any confusion. One of the regions that the promo code is
not available in is Malaysia, unfortunately, so I can’t grant you the
discount. That’s why the area to enter the promo wasn’t in the sign-up.
Should that have been made clearer during the sign-up process?
Absolutely. I am sorry that it wasn’t.

I can understand, certainly, if you don’t wish to continue with DreamHost
at this point. You came here for a special deal and we were unable to
accommodate you on that.

If you’d like to close your account, here’s how:

  1. Go to the Manage Account page :
  2. Click the “close account/end all hosting” link.
  3. Follow the steps within.

You’ll receive an email confirming your action.

If you have any questions or need any additional assistance, respond to
this message. I am always happy to help!

Nate Y[hr]
And for anyone in the least bit interested, here is my reply to Nate and the Dreamhost team, asking why there is a restriction and to provide me a list of where there is NOT a restriction, so i can get a friend to take care of the registration… sigh

here’s my reply…

I just took a quick look in your forums and it would seem that this situation has been ongoing for quite some time, case in point, take a search for "Help Applying Promo Code 777May11 , not what i would call inspiring considering, in that case i was told they took it to accounts to resolve the issue, i for one am completely stumped as to why there should be ANY restrictions at all?

Why don’t you at least tell me where the offer is NOT restricted?? Then i could hopefully apply there instead, i travel widely and have various citizenships and card details, or i could call on any number of friends worldwide to take advantage of the offer on my behalf, so if you would please humour me Nate and tell me before this offer ends, where CAN i take advantage of your offer code???, and why do you not list this information at the very beginning of the process instead of causing angst?

Please reply asap, i still have my offer code for that domain, or if need be someone could register where the offer IS valid and i could transfer the name to them?

Many thanks for your prompt reply.